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Marty Boldin

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Marty Boldin loves to discuss stigma. Listen to his case for addressing both addiction and recovery "out loud!"

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Marty is a person in long-term recovery who speaks about the secrecy, stigma, and shame that surround addiction and recovery. Marty details the serious consequences for individuals, families, and communities when stigma is attached. In his candid, moving talks, he explains the cost of addiction and why removing stigma is so important and just may be the key to many issues that we face today.

Since February of 2017, Marty advises New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu on matters pertaining to addiction and behavioral health prevention, treatment, and recovery. Marty Boldin, LICSW, MLADC, LCS, CPS, CPM has been involved with the development and implementation of social service initiatives in a variety of multi-disciplinary settings across the United States and around the world.

He is also a Dean’s Fellow and PhD Candidate at the Boston University School of Social Work.  Marty's research interests include: Addiction Stigma, Trauma and Addiction Interaction, and Alcohol and Drug Policy.  Most recently his research has focused on the impact of addiction stigma on persons in long-term recovery. Marty hopes this data will offer clues to improve the American social climate for addiction remedy and thereby increase the likelihood that more people will engage in and benefit from recovery in America.

An individual who battled depression, alcohol and drug misuse for many years, Marty is now a husband, a father, a respected addiction scientist, an award winning social work professional, and a community activist seeking to promote the American Recovery Movement. He likes to serve his community, and sits on several boards for local youth oriented nonprofits and maintains a small private practice in New Hampshire.

Speaking Topics

How Addiction is Perpetuated by Stigma

The Way Addiction Cripples Families from the Inside Out

Why the Recovery Movement is Changing Treatment

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Families are the ultimate casualty of untreated alcohol and drug misuse.
— Marty Boldin