Joel Pomales

Travels from New Jersey

Joel Pomales clearly speaks on what needs to be done to achieve and sustain recovery.  He is well versed in the much needed supports and services that will assist others and knows that stigma has got to go!  

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Joel Pomales is a speaker who believes that recovery should be accessible to everyone.  A long time recovery spokesperson in New Jersey, Joel has a vision for others and understands the supports and services that need to be more readily available.  He speaks to inspire empowerment in others and hopes his words will encourage conversation without shame. Joel believes that more people need to understand that addiction is an illness - that needs treatment, rather than a moral failing. 

Founder & CEO of Mainstream Recovery, a training and consulting firm which develops and implements recovery support programs across the country, Joel works with local & state governments, businesses, and community organizations to implement programs that bolster recovery in the community. Training is developed and provided to law enforcement, emergency room staff, recovery coaches & recovery specialists, sober house managers, and behavioral health technicians. 

Joel is also an Advocacy Leader with the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence in NJ, and recently worked with RWJ Barnabas Health Institute for Prevention as a Certified Peer Recovery Specialist on their Opioid Overdose Recovery Program.  He has worked with SOBA College Recovery and developed the SOBA Outreach Initiative, a program of Recovery Specialists who respond to partnering police departments or hospitals when an individual is in need of services for substance use.

Joel is a board member with the New Jersey Alliance of Recovery Residences, a certified home inspector for recovery residences in New Jersey, a member of the Middlesex County Local Advisory Committee on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse and Prevention Links, a member of the New Jersey Professional Advisory Committee, a 30 member board providing insight and guidance to the Division of Mental Health and Addiction services in NJ, and Board President for the Middlesex County Recovery Community Center.

But most importantly, a person in long term recovery from multiple substances, Joel is dedicated to helping others find and sustain recovery.  He speaks to raise awareness and eliminate the stigma that surrounds addiction and recovery, as well as to make treatment and recovery more accessible to those in need through drug policy and criminal justice reform.  

We are sick people who need treatment, not bad people who need to be punished.
— Joel Pomales