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Andrew Assini blends psychology, spirituality, humor and heart to provide authentic and enlightening experiences.   

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Andrew J. Assini is a licensed mental health professional, university professor, and person in recovery who enjoys connecting with others and sharing insights and experiences around change and transformation.  Assini draws from brain science, psychological research and theory, and clinical practice to suggest effective change processes through his captivating presentations and workshops.

Assini openly speaks on his own personal journey of transformation and discusses the practices that supported him with an honest reality and a touch of humor.  His engaging personality and animated presence, coupled with his clinical training and grounded nature, allow him make a wide array of topics and issues accessible on transformation to many individuals.

Assini received both his both his undergraduate and graduate degrees from Rowan University, where he currently teaches and continues to pursue research related to addiction recovery and twelve step programs.  A Licensed Associate Counselor and Licensed Clinical Alcohol and Drug Counselor in New Jersey, Assini has worked with individuals dealing with substance use, mental health, and co-occurring challenges in settings spanning the entire continuum of care.

Assini currently runs Samma Vayama Well-Being, a center for awakened living, and Conscious Contact, his private counseling andtransformation practice in NJ. As part of his own personal recovery, Assini has spent time in both India and Peru, meditating in the Himalayan foothills and working with shamans in the Amazon jungle. 

It’s not going to be okay...it already is.
— Andrew Assini