Are you planning an event or conference and looking for a compelling keynote speaker to inspire change?

Speakers for Change currently is the only agency in the United States that specializes exclusively on topics of addiction, prevention, recovery and advocacy.  You will find that we offer top thought leadership on the current opioid and prescription drug epidemic. We provide consultants, trainers, and keynote speakers to inspire change amongst the worst addiction crisis the world has ever experienced.

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Explore our talented roster of affordable keynote speakers, exciting prevention presenters, motivating recovery speakers, engaging workshop leaders, talented forum contributors and educated consultants. We offer services and speakers to meet your event objectives, budget and audience.

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Upcoming Events

May 22 | Austin Eubanks
California Opioid Summit - CA

June 3 | Austin Eubanks
American Society of Health-System Pharmacist - CO

June 3 | Darryl Strawberry
YMCA Counseling Services - NY

June 8 | Austin Eubanks
Colorado Dental Association - CO

June 16 | Justin L. Riley
Arizona Pharmacy Foundation - AZ

June 19 | Austin Eubanks
Mental Health Association - NJ

June 20 | Bertha Madras 
Alfred State College - NY

June 23 | Bertha Madras
National PTA Convention Opioid Symposium - LA

July 8 | Brooke Feldman
Rutgers Center of Addiction Studies - NJ